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>'Serious injuries' as major incident declared after explosion at service station in Ireland

>Mexico names new economy minister

>BeHorny 8.1-Inch Suction Base Realistic Penis Dildo, Purple

>OBR forecasts likely to show £60bn-£70bn hole after Kwarteng’s mini-budget

>Bishopsgate: Police still on the hunt for two suspects after horror stabbing
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This was posted here?

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This was posted here the other day. I demand to know the source for political reasons.
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Why aren't Ukrainian women being held in Ukraine and drafted like Ukrainian men are? I thought the west prided itself on being a gender equal society?
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Is it any wonder 2/3s of American libraries are filled with japanese picture books when this is fucking alternative?
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ukranians are complaining that Starlink is down, can somebody confirm? did russia bring it down with those fake lasers into the sky? or did Musk pull the plug after arguing with gay dogs on Twitter? is this why Musk was trying to appease the Russians, so they would not deactivate his precious satellites? would be interesting to have more details about this if anybody has info
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Is wokeism winning?

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Everywhere I look, I see women (both white and nonwhite) going woke and denouncing the white man. It's gotten to the point where he is the least desirable man in dating. How could this happen to the oppressor?
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They need democracy and freedom, wouldn't you agree?