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>Gas prices receding
>Inflation falling
>Infrastructure bill passed
>Job growth continues w/ labor-focused market
>VA disability bill passed
>Presciption cost capped
>Tax loopholes closed
>Climate change measures added
>Chip manufacturing moving stateside

Maybe, juuuussssst maybe the Right, consevatives, and Republicans should start to focus on something more concrete by November. The whole potato Brandon and banning abortions for raped children seems to be backfiring. Even the typical culture war over policy thing seems to be fizzling out. I guess you can only hold so much vague anger against understanding CRT, trans kids having rights, and 'woke' television shows instead of actual policies?

Just a suggestion...
Pic unrelated.
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Moscow warns of end to Russia-U.S. relations if assets seized

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Without using retarded Christcuck explanations why are Jews so wicked?
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Climate change is killing Germany

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Now we cannot even get coal because the rivers dry up.

It’s over.
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Many people here are sypathetic with the confederates. Is it just because they could own slaves? Or is more behind?
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He’s right
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What are the pros and cons of living in serbia?
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perfect europe doesn't ex...
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>niggers are the ones that commit more crime and violence
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Australia, why?

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Pompeii isn't some sheep ranch you hicks. How much should the government of Australia pay to Italy to atone for this affront to Roman dignity?
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