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/pride/ - PRIDE GENERAL - Happy Pride Month Edition!

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ITT we will hold political discussion on the rising anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment in the United States, and how this can be combated. We will determine where exactly this sentiment comes from, and how we can advance the rights of LGBTQ+ in the United States. We will discuss the recent anti-LGBTQ laws within America, and what we should do going into the 2024 Presidential Election and beyond.

QOTD: Why has anti-LGBTQ feelings become so mainstream in recent years? What has happened?

>Record number of anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced this year (2023)

>Pride organizers cancel events all over Florida due to 'climate of fear' after state passes anti-LGBTQ laws
>Mapping attacks on LGBTQ rights in U.S State Legislatures
>Human Rights Campaign on ANTI-LGBTQ Legislation
>Florida expands "Don't Say Gay"
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Can someone explain to me why courts around the world are so gay?

They’re the ones who’ve done most to legalise fag marriage around the world. In USA, Brazil and Taiwan etc, fag marriage was legalised by the courts of each of those countries. In India, it will soon probably be legalised by their court. Now the same might happen to Japan.

The question remains. Why are courts such fags?
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Real life Equivalent?
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>As beer drinkers walk by fully stacked shelves of Bud Light, more and more Americans are reaching for Modelo Especial following controversy over a transgender influencer.
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It's time for you all to become decent fucking members of society.
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the term "glownigger" is the most effective psyop ever created

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With this simple term they have completely castrated you. None of you coward faggots will do anything, ever, because you're so scared of Feds being 80% of the population.

Anytime someone even HINTS at taking real action that might actually change something, they get buried in glownigger posts and every smugly acts like doing nothing and just waiting around to be imprisoned or killed is "based and redpilled."

They took you out of the fight before it even started, you are quite literally neutered. They dont even have to drop the jackboot on you, you will just sit in your house and do nothing.

Its incredible, really.
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/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9199

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▶Day: 461 - Daily battlefield assessment:

>Norway will provide Ukraine with a five-year aid program (military, humanitarian and civilian support) with a total volume of approximately 6.5 billion euros
>US announced a new $300 million security package for Ukraine. It includes munitions for Patriots, more Avenger air-defense systems, Stingers, AIM-7 and Zuni missiles, ammo for HIMARS, artillery, tanks, and more

>We are against strikes on the Russian Federation, but it is up to Ukraine to decide , - the coordinator of the National Security Council of the White House.
>Ukrainian drone strikes in Moscow
>Russian drone and missile strikes across Ukraine, airbase hit
>According to Serhiy Popko, the head of the Kyiv Military City Administration, more than 40 shahed drones were destroyed over Kyiv.
>Dnipro hospital was hit by Russian missile: 4 dead, 32 wounded.
>Explosions in Mariupol and cities of the Zaporizhzhia region: Berdyansk, Tokmak, Vasilyevka
>Ivan Hurs light recon vessel of Russian navy was hit by naval suicide drone
>The US State Department approved the sale of NASAMS air defense systems to Ukraine
>Russians take control of Bakhmut
>Pro-Ukrainian Russian fighters left Belgorod to Ukraine
>Several attacks were launched into the villages of Bezludovka, Lyubimovka and Churovichi, Russia by pro-Ukrainian Russian volunteer legion
▶Telegram Channels

▶INTELLIGENCE (equipment explorer) (RU) (UA)
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Why is he keeping out of the spotlight
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This is a thread for my white bros

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I just wanted to say, I have had many white frens and I think whites are cool, fuck the demoralization shit, I love you all.
You are number 1.
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Do white people really?

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First bidets.

Now this!?

Do white people really?