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What The Fuck, MexiBros?

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Act of war - poisoning Oder River

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This is extremely targetted.
In order to pull this off you would require extremely large amounts of poisons.
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This is all that needs to be said.
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Is the Queen Dead?

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I honestly don't care about bong royalty, but I am seeing all these weird stories pop up about how the people will mourn her death. Is this the media preparing the world for something? Is the Queen dead?
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Banana pin time

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post yours.

for those unaware, we are wearing them becauae only in banana republics do they raid the candidate of the opposition party. So the usa is a banana republic. amy brand banana welcomed.
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American States tier list

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Was anyone else taught that Hitler was going to kill anyone without blue eyes or blonde hair?
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Why do people get so upset over pic related? It's just a flag, a cool looking flag that is.
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Should I finish my Chinese studies?

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I'm currently learning Chinese at a language institute. There are 12 courses of Chinese, from A1 to B2.

I just finished the 8th course and will start the 9th in a couple of months.

It's just that I feel tired, I don't want to go on. I keep hearing I should learn Chinese because they will take over the world and such but it's such a chore to keep going, because:

>I don't have anyone or anything to practice with, just my textbooks.
>All the Mainland Chinese are behind the Great Firewall, the few Mandarin speakers I've found online are Taiwanese, while Taiwan itself won't exist in 10 years at most.
>Taiwan uses Traditional characters, and I'm being taught Simplified ones, it's hard and time consuming to read their stuff.
>There's no easily accessible media in Chinese, all the stuff I've come across tried is Taiwanese, games or music or anything.

What should I do? Keep at it or just leave it at that?
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>Russia just announced general mobilization
What is your Goodbye message to all the russian posters here?
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