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Post your faces when bluebeam happens in the next few days.
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Holy shit this is just like the mexican vegas alien

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same description and appearance. I think its real bros
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Should Elliot Page detransition?
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Faggot in other languages

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It’s faggot month, so let’s admire the word faggot in other langs.

Faggot in:
>German: Schwuchtel
>Dutch: Flikker
>Italian: Frocio/Checca/Culattone
>Russian: пидop
>French: Pédéraste
>Norwegian: Soper
>Greek: πούστης/poústis or πισωγλέντης/pisogléntis
>Spanish: Maricón
>Arabic: Khanith/خنيث
>Japanese: オカマ/Okama
>Czech: Buzerant
>Afrikaans: Moffie
>Romanian: Poponar
>Indonesian: Banci
>Portugee/Spanish: Maricas
>British/Australian/New Zealander English: Poofter
>Balkan: Peder
>Filipino: bading or bayot
>Hawaiian: Māhū

In all languages: Jewish
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post evidence that the official narrative is false
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>be me, living downtown in a big Canadian city
>walk to the grocer today
>give perfunctory nod to new brown neighbor that had to be confronted 6 times in as many months about using my driveway as his own property
>used to be a quiet chinese family, now it's jamaican looking nogs speaking an unrecognizable language with screeching children and endless visitors
>get to the main avenue
>hassled by panhandlers at every block
>bus shacks completely colonized by homeless and packed with heaps of junk
>decide to take the backlane
>used needles anywhere there's a curb to sit on
>looking at a recently burned out vehicle
>see my garbage bin that was stolen a couple years ago with my address partially scrubbed off
>ponder if its even worth taking back my property. Last time I yelled at vandals smashing car windows, they came back and smashed my window.
>exit lane, walking down sidewalk
>have to cross the road cause a squaw woman in a tracksuit dropped her pants and started shitting on the boulevard just ahead of me
Today was a good day. I didn't step in any feces. Didn't get attacked by stray dogs. And no one tried to mug me.
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Why are ancient American boomers out there smashing so hard while all I hear from you lot is that modern women are unobtainable
>yfw no gf
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The Western Communist movement has been hijacked by gays and trannies

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I know none of you guys will care for a communist perspective, but I've got to post this somewhere. Say anything you want to me, I don't care.

I am an anti-gay, anti-trans Marxist-Leninist. I started by reading some anti trans feminist perspectives and had to admit they made sense. The idea that trans women were real women and should be considered as such felt comical. As time went on though, and my anti trans stance became more and more solidified, I started having second thoughts about the homosexual movement. GCs always say that transgenderism "hijacked" the homosexual movement but is this actually true? The overwhelming majority of gay rights organizations and gay rights activists let transgenderism in with open arms and continue to push for it today. That's not what hijacking is. Also, I realized that homosexuality is based mainly on a subjective identity that can not be seen rather than physical characteristics, just like transgenderism. Saying homophobia is an oppression like racism, sexism, or classism is absurd. And like, should gays be allowed to adopt? Why should children be denied a strong male role model and female role model, which makes them turn out the best. Then I learned about NAMBLA, and the fact that male gay sex is extremely unhealthy and disease ridden, and the fact that gay men are disproportionally more likely to be pedophiles. Monkeypox and AIDS were caused mainly by gay men having orgies without protection. They knew what caused AIDS and yet still participated in these actions. The insane rise in children identifying as trans is paired with children identifying as gay, which should show how useless a "gay identity" is, but GCs only talk about this in relation to trans identity. How strange.
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I use tor for everything I can.
When I need to know the answer to some stupid question, I use tor.
When I want to watch YouTube or porn, I use tor (yeah, it's fast enough for that now).
When I want to browse 4chan... Lol, just kidding, I don't browse this fucking shithole.

Why aren't you strengthening the anonymity of the tor network by using it for mundane things, and by extension protecting your privacy as a principle?
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Guess what most rape victims were wearing when they were raped

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