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have we reached maximum cope?
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Did Vaush just BTFO all of chuds' 13/50 black crime arguments?

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>Explains how people like you aren't interested in solving black issues
>Explains how black crimerates have risen since blacks started to move to poor inner city areas after the Irish and the Italians moved out and that crimerates for blacks were previously low in comparison
>Explains how socioeconomic factors have lead black people to commit more crimes.
>Explains how blacks have been systematically discriminated against
>Explains how US policies both now and in the past have kept blacks down and how joining criminal gangs is sometimes the only way for blacks to prosper in densely populated poor inner city areas
>Explains how sometimes US policies have been constructed to deliberately to hurt black people even after civil rights
>Explains why the fact that blacks commit more crimes isn't sufficient evidence to suggest that it's all genetic
>Everything said in the Video is backed up by extensive research
>Gives concrete solutions on how to fix these issues

Where is YOUR evidence to back up your ridiculus claims about black crime statistics? By all means, watch the whole video, i promise you that you can't debunk it.

>inb4 i get told to shut the fuck up by someone who hasn't watched the video and is triggered by these FACTS
>inb4 someone says oppressing blacks is good
>inb4 someone says bring back slavery
>inb4 someone uses anecdotal evidece
>inb4 someone links black crime statistics withput context and without an analisys of WHY blacks commit more crimes
>inb4 someone calls me a cuck
>inb4 someone says flag checks out
>inb4 "muh slide thread"
>inb4 "sage" because /pol/tard is triggered by a different opinion

keep the dicussion on topic and don't do anything that is mentioned above in the inb4 section. You should be open minded and watch the video instead and dicuss it WITH SOURCES.

i'm open to having my mind changed. but only with reliable sources that explain why the numbers are look like they do.
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Did Trump just do 4d chess? (mar a lago raid)

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What if Trump purposely made the FBI (etc) believe he might have taken nuclear codes / government secrets home to BAIT the FBI (etc) into searching his home? (which would be arguably reasonable, if they found something, and a DISASTER for them if they don't find anything)
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Monkeypox: pozzed and in need of a national shutdown

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Hey guys, so yeah we both like had Monkeypox from some guy we met (don’t remember what we did) but like be careful!
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>America, land of the fre-
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The reason society is so bad now is because of the death of Christianity. Without God there are no morals No values for a society to live by. God is dead and he isn't coming back so stop acting like the west will be great again one day. The masses will never believe in Christ again.
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>day 171 of the 2-day special operation is almost over
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Pick up your ashes!

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How the fuck is anybody in favor of police now?
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Rabbi Michael Laitman

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>jews are visitors from another world with a mission to conquer earth
What did he mean by this?
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