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>Be me
>My great grandad was a ambulance in London from Wales
>My dad never talks about family
>Research the last name and find Maltese crosses all over their sigil and coat of arms
>Are they Illuminati? Jesuits? Knights Templar? Kikes?
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PC maker has put spyware in his machines

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Hiding malicious programs in a computer's UEFI firmware has become an insidious trick in the toolkit of stealthy hackers. But when a motherboard manufacturer installs its own hidden backdoor in the firmware of millions of computers they're practically doing hackers' work for them. Researchers at Eclypsium revealed today that they've discovered a hidden mechanism in the firmware of motherboards sold by Gigabyte, whose components are commonly used in gaming PCs and other high-performance computers. They are amongst the biggest motherboard makers. Whenever a computer with the affected Gigabyte motherboard restarts, Eclypsium found, code within the motherboard's

>firmware invisibly initiates an updooter program that runs on the computer

and in turn downloads and executes another piece of software. It only needs a internet access. While Eclypsium says the hidden code is meant to be an innocuous tool to keep the motherboard's firmware updated, researchers found that it's implemented insecurely, potentially allowing the mechanism to be hijacked and used to install malware instead of Gigabyte's intended program. And because the updater program is triggered from the computer's firmware, outside its operating system, it's tough for users to remove or even discover. "If you have one of these machines, you have to worry about the fact that it's basically grabbing something from the internet and running it without you being involved, and hasn't done any of this securely," says John who leads strategy and research at Eclypsium. "The concept of going underneath the end user and taking over their machine doesn't sit well with most people."
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Your Political Journey

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How have your political views changed over time?

Through my late childhood through to my mid teens I was a bizarre mix of libertarian, communist, radical atheist, and misinformed Hollywood-style nazi (my real Fascism would come later).
I was baptised Catholic and went to church until my First Communion when I was 8 and grew to hate religion as a waste of time. I've always been inflexibly and immovably iron-willed and still am today.
At that time, my political outlook was in essence based upon freedom to what I liked and power to control what I didn't like. For instance, I wanted there to be no age restrictions for films and video games, I saw nazis as cool, and - as a countercultural act of rebellion against social norms that sought to control me - I began to furiously hate the Jews, wanting every man, woman, and child all dead before the age of 10 along with all religious people whom I saw as bellow me because of their superstition.
In my teen years, I became more involved in political thought. I wanted the world to be exactly how I desired it to be. How do I practically achieve that was my question and authoritarianism was the answer.
I put myself contrary to everything politically correct and even turned away from my - at times - degenerate love of limitless freedom. Before that, I had even supported homosexual rights as a counter to religious control in life, but now sexual deviants were added to my death list.
/pol/ caught my attention in the year of 2016, and it resulted in the formative years of my political education. There, there was more or less a doctrinal consensus and I followed it to the letter.

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RARBG is dead.

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Plagues, international politics and wars and economic issues can lose you piracy.
What? Shouldn't it be that the poorer people are, the more piracy there is?
> Now where do I go to download 4K pirated movies?
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Everybody thinks you are pathetic

We are all laughing behind your back
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>it was so good even the wildlife prospered
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What the fuck is going on with gen alpha?

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>girl repeatedly stabs her younger brother
>when police comes she apologizes and says she doesn’t want to go to jail
What the fuck
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