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German KSK disbanded a while ago

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What exactly happened to these guys? Germanon's, do you have any information? How common are these views in Germany? I was under the impression that the average German was a leftist ecowarrior who was ashamed of their own flag, no?
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Why did men stop using double edge razors?

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>cheap as fuck
>better result
>less irritations, if any
>looks more masculine than disposable razors
>eco-friendly (not that i care, but some might)

5 years ago i got a pack of 100 feather double edge blades which, by my calculations, will be running out at the end of this month.
back then it was around 40 euros (shipping included).
today i ordered 100+100 more, for a total of 51 euros (with shipping), which will do the job for obviously more than the next 5 years.

few days ago i asked my father (my grandfather has passed away sadly) why he stopped using double edge razors, he said he didn't know.
why don't (more) men use double edge razors today? there's literally not a single reason against them. why are they supporting woke companies like Gillette and P&G?
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Should I finish my Chinese studies?

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I'm currently learning Chinese at a language institute. There are 12 courses of Chinese, from A1 to B2.

I just finished the 8th course and will start the 9th in a couple of months.

It's just that I feel tired, I don't want to go on. I keep hearing I should learn Chinese because they will take over the world and such but it's such a chore to keep going, because:

>I don't have anyone or anything to practice with, just my textbooks.
>All the Mainland Chinese are behind the Great Firewall, the few Mandarin speakers I've found online are Taiwanese, while Taiwan itself won't exist in 10 years at most.
>Taiwan uses Traditional characters, and I'm being taught Simplified ones, it's hard and time consuming to read their stuff.
>There's no easily accessible media in Chinese, all the stuff I've come across tried is Taiwanese, games or music or anything.

What should I do? Keep at it or just leave it at that?
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Tranny caught chatting sexually with 13 year old in UK

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>Goomer is a slur for trannies

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Remember what you're fighting for.
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why do modern white nationalists like japanese women so much?

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i thought race mixing was bad guys?
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Is brappill the final redpill?

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Is the rest of France outside Paris that bad?

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I'm from the UK but my family is of French heritage as they originated from Aquitaine long ago. I'd like to return to my ancestral homeland, money certainly isn't an issue at this point and things are rather drab here in England by comparison. I know how terrible Paris is from first hand experience, a cesspit of mud people not nearly as glamorous as one is made to believe. Is the rest of France, particularly the southern regions as bad as the capital? I'm planning on moving to a smaller and quieter settlement or along the Riviera so I'm hoping this wont be an issue. Any relevant information would be appreciated.
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>Major Islamic terrorist attack carried out in the US
>MSM barely mentioning it and not calling it a terrorist attack
>/pol/ ignoring it or outright saying Islamic terrorism is BASED

I remember when this board used to not be quite as retarded as this. Nowadays it is essentially the same as commie/pol/. Maybe the war in Ukraine tipped it over the edge. Is the board just 80% shill bots? I even see people defending communism all the time now.
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