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>labor creates value because… because fuck you thats why
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Is that video with the guy who was an ex government offical

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Exposing freemason sex trafficking rings
Still around?
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hang yourself and commit suicide you nazi pisscel coward cuckold
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>trolling around the interwebs
>land on a forum called Lispstick Alley
>literally nigger women being themselves out in the open
>absolute hatred of Whites, Arabs, Asians
>self worship, hoteps, just pure insane afrocentrism

Someone PLEASE explain to me why they think niggers are our intellectual equals.
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why are they obsessed with seasoning?
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what are they sliding with the ufo shit?
the mexican kid said the alien was may first and it took over a month for it to hit the press.
this has been planned for at least 4 years.
pic related.
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Tomorrow. Tomorrow the war begins.
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Sportsball conspiracy

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All sportsball fags are secret army reserve soldiers
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>Goes on CNN calling out Fauci and the vax for killing people
>Is attacked by media and (((fact checkers))) the world over for “disinformation” (they repeat that word many times in every sentence of every report about him
Did they kill him?