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The Oakland warehouse fire occurred in a radical leftist commune rife with HIV, drugs, and alternative lifestyle degeneracy. These communes are known as "DIY spaces" to the bums, anarchists, and drug addicts who populate them. You might even have one of these rent-free flop houses in your neighborhood or city and not even know it.

https://youtu.be/FwiL2YH9AVI [Embed]

The purpose of this thread is to save the lives of those who populate such places. As the incident in Oakland has shown, these dens of ill repute are often decrepit, hazardous, and in violation of city ordinances. As members of this board of peace, we are obligated to report building code infractions and get these death traps shut down.

>Flop House Directories

>Reportable Violations
>List of building codes

>Who Needs to Know
City Councils/Public Works
Fire Marshals
Alcoholic Beverage Control Boards
Local News

>Shut Down
Bell Foundry (Baltimore)
Rhinoceropolis (Denver)
Glass Menage (Nashville)
Kitty Castle (San Jose)
Purple 33 (Los Angeles)
Drkmattr (Nashville)
Werk (Los Angeles)
All safe and shut down because of you!

QuoLab (Savannah)

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