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> Wikileaks releases large insurance files from time to time
> they contain info that is very incriminating for governments
> the files are encrypted, keys only to be released in case of death or danger
> since mid Oct. many people assume Assange is dead and only faked to be alive still
> Wikileaks seems comprimised, too since Assange has gone missing
> people are working on decrypting the insurance files since
> everytime they try to release the keys they get shut down immediately
> now they explain to everyone how to get the keys themselves
> they also work on releasing the files in various ways
> it seems there will be a big event / outage when they do
> today is the day they planned for release
> we share the info

>the explanation how to get the keys

TO ALL "this is a conspiracy" TARDS:

look the seconds from the gif up yourselves!
assange was killed!
this interview is faked!