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>You're only MGTOW because you are butthurt virgin who can't get laid

Traditionalists (the old right) have only one rebuttal against MGTOWs: "Just find the right woman, you loser".

They don't address any of the issues. Ever. Not a single one. Not the divorce industry, not the anti-man legislation, not the pro-woman welfare state, not the nature of women, not HPV that leads to cancer and other diseases. They only have "Find and marry the perfect unicorn, ignore the legal climate and live happily ever after, you fool".

Already in our grandparents' era this world view was outdated, but now it's outright suicidal. You can't lift and game Marxism away.

And the sad part is, when traditionalists try to shame men with "You MGTOWs will destroy everything", they think there's still something left to be saved. So, not only their solutions but also their assessment of the status quo are delusions.

There's literally no reason to not be MGTOW.

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