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JSOC's Relationship With The CIA

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Hey guys, there was some interest in this subject in the Flynn thread so I'll take up my old mantle and lay down some info about the Joint Special Operations Command and their relationship with the CIA. I'll also relate this information to how Trump may choose to use the military and JSOC specifically, and why the CIA would like to stop that from happening.

So to give you the basics JSOC was created after Operation Eagle Claw failed spectacularly in 1979. It was a failure because the Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine pilots/Special Forces did not work well together, had differing standards of readiness and in general had a lower expectation of skill and inter-agency cooperative ability. (Errors in piloting and organization resulted in many destroyed planes, deaths, and the failure of the mission) Out of the ashes of this mission JSOC was formed so that an umbrella organization could be centrally directed for Counter-Terrorism missions, especially in cases where multiple branches of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, etc) would need to work together effectively with an established chain of command.

The main "big name" units in JSOC are Delta Force (SFOD-D), SEAL Team Six, the 160th Airborne, The Ranger Recon Company and Grey Fox/Team Orange Signals and SIGINT Collection Unit. There are also Air Force Combat Aircraft Controllers. (Air Force Special Tactics)