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Is Soros secretly /OurGuy/?

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Now before you call me shill hear me out

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnsHl5qzpYc check at 7:35
why is soros always seem to be so happy about the time with the nazis?

Even says its the happiest time of his life

Is he maybe on the nazis side? while rothschild and rockefeller and all the others try to controll the people through the banking system, the bought politicians and creation of laws usually hidden from sight. Soros always finances movements creating an impact in the lifes of people directly visible to everyone. is he trying to draw attention? is he funding such stuff to make us angry about the jews and the degeneracy, to make those more obvious to us in order to redpill people in masses by showing how stupid the political agenda is? Is he still in the sheets with the nazis?

He literally says that the candidate he supported with a billion of dollar will lose the popular vote but will win either way. Why give her the billion dollars then in the first place if its already clear? Why make it so openly that the public generally wont support the candidate you gave your money to. Shouldn't he try to make the whole thing seem legit and fair? Why not keep his mouth shut about it?
He already implies that the election is rigged in Hillaries favor which means she shouldn't need all that money, and that exposing this might lead to Trump gaining more support. unless he didnt want Hillary to win. He may gave her money, but she blow it all on propaganda, CTR and exposing her own corrupt administration and media full speed. Was this the plan? Finance hillary so she can expose herself even faster? he may lost a billion to hillary but I dont think thats much to him, and I bet he had other deals going making sure he will gain from trumps victory too.