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New Leaks coming in T-13 Hours

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Hello friends,

Put your seatbelt on. New Leaks are coming.
Content of material is about internal communication (phone calls) between veteran DNC Politicians and Republicans and Judges orchestrating the Muslim Ban.
Also Obama signed an order to conceal parts of the Intelligence apparatus from the next president, there is a new mechanism that the president has to be eligible to get that briefing and Trump is not being considered as such, thus would have never gotten the clearing and therefore never access to the files on Clinton, State Department, Department of justice, Hit-lists, Shadow court etc that are stored in Prism.

Comey will step back and Rogers will go to trial. If shit hits the fan, Trump will send the military into NSA, CIA and FBI Server facilities and confiscate the Hardware, specialists will validate the files. Raids at Google.

Big Year ahead. Get your memes ready.