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If you are new here you probably don't know this, but this board is under constant heavy attacks from paid posters propagating certain agendas, as well as a lot of people trying to destroy the board culture till anyone leaves.

Usual tactics include:
- bait threads (threads that offend you and make you reply like "how can whites compete")
- slide threads (threads that distract from ongoin political events with e.g. flat earth etc.)
- drumpf threads (those are most probably made by leftists and an agency called Shareblue to demoralize)
- /b/-tier & /x/-tier threads (sometimes the other boards post here because it is the most active)
- emigration threads (threads that suggest /pol/ is shit and that people start leaving it)

Please know that those threads are about 75% of the board, if not more sometimes. By replying to those threads without putting "sage" (without quotation marks) in the options field bumps those threads to the top and lets good topics slide, therefore undermining the real discussion and real investigations going on. Please do not participate in helping paid shills and normies making it harder for everyone to keep track of good topics.

If you have been here longer please contribute by reminding new posters of this and posting infos on shill and slide strategies, as well as not giving in and leaving for other boards.