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I've been compiling this list for over a year now.
There may be some reproductions here as I haven't managed to verify all of them yet, however, I have reliable sources for 311 (yes, three-hundred-and-eleven) so far. There are also undoubtedly tens - if not hundreds - of expulsions also still missing from this list, so the final total most likely will have to be updated and posted here again in time. However, I think this is a good time to post this (after my post the other day I did a lot more research and source-finding) as it shows the well-known 109 number falls very, very short.
>pic related
Believe it or not, the original image resolution was TOO LARGE FOR 4CHAN (yes, the Jews have been expelled from so many places the list won't even fit on 4chan) so I'm uploading a slightly smaller one. Hopefully the names and sources are all clear. I you can't see them then could one of you link me to place I can upload large image files?
Save this / Share this / Add to it / Do whatever you want with it. I'll edit this list with sources when I finish and post it here again in a few months.
Thanks /pol/