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Disneys Pizzabusiness and Club 33

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Anon just posted pic related, but cuck mods deleted the thread. So here some additional stuff so the mods dont have another excuse to delete it again:
Disney has club 33, I repeat, thirty-three, like the masons favorite number showing the connection to those guy. Remember all the popular MKUltrad teeny stars coming from Disney. And how are people MKUltrad? They are tortured and abused until the personality breaks, and creates new personalities to cope with the thing to protect itself at which point the new personality/personalities can be shaped. They probably use some drugs to enhance the effect while also building in a trigger to bring the desired personality to the front. Like giving them some certain shirt before the abuse starts or whatever. And since those kids have to be groomed/abused to be superstars you can be sure they think they can not only create the next superstar willing to promote their agenda, but also give all the pedophilic elites some fun time by letting them do abuse the kids. quit pro quo