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White House Anon Here

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Hello /pol/, it has been almost 2 months since we last spoke. My apologies for not keeping my promise of weekly updates, as I had no choice but abandon the idea. I'm here to let you know that sometime between right now as I type this, or no later than around 2 pm tomorrow, you will be either read about, listen to, or watch a news story. You will probably see it first on Twitter from a few well known conservative (right wing) people. It will break on cable news shortly after. I can not go in to specifics. I know most of you all support President Trump, so have no worries on the matter. This information will completely shift the narrative away from him and any of his staff. You will all be very happy and excited about this as many of us have and will too. Look forward to many happenings next week. Things are about to shift in a direction Democrats are going to hate. It will be lovely. Big happenings, not just silly things like "Russia" hoax or "Yet another Terrorist attack has happened". Most of you all have been waiting for a happening like this for a year or more, and people will be talking about this for years to come. Stay thirsty my friends. Promises made, promises kept.