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This general is for identifying, discussing, mapping, researching and tracking human trafficking networks. There is a consistent trend of data showing that networks move though and rely on urban areas, specifically Sanctuary Cities. Feel free to submit tips or contribute with memes, infographs etc. We are especially looking for people who are good at making maps that we can use to analyze shipping routes, suspected trafficking hubs and routes, and the whole nine yards. Anyone who knows how to make these and is willing to do so would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED AND ADMIRED!!!

Do not encourage violence here, we aren't trying to give them any excuses to shut it down.

Why human trafficking is a big deal:



>archives of past threads

Past threads of interest:

>full of google maps investigation; Port Angeles, Anacortes, Bellingham

>alleged member of human trafficking operation for South America to US/Canada shared info

>data dump of a lot of compiled info

Thread's attempted focus for today is to mainly just gather more leads and to assess the ones we already have. From what people seem to gravitate towards today, I'll see what region we might end up focusing on based off of your guys' responses and suggestions. Reminder that all info is being compiled into a list.

Some current leads:
>Mayo Clinic
>Fort Wayne, IN
>Avalon Apartments
>Bothell Pediatric & Hand Therapy
>City of Palatka, FL
>Bellingham, WA
>Anacortes, WA
>Port Angeles, WA
>Golden Dragon Exotic Club in Portland
>Tyson Foods Inc. & their connections
>Triads and other Asian organized crime groups
>Wichita KS
>Richard Branson
>San Juan Islands
>D.C. General Hospital