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What we have right now:

>Msm starts covering protests early on before anything big happens
>car rams into vehicle and several people
>no cops present
>black tinted windows
>seemingly no hesitation
>airbags don't deploy in fairly new car moving quite quickly
>Calm expression
>high-T military-tier facial structure resembling actual owner
>reverses full speed in a straight line for 1+ blocks and disappears
>drives off to a remote location
>apprehended out of sight
>suposidly pulled over by 2 black suburbans; made everyone go inside practically pulling guns on residents
>guy looked "middle eastern/tan" not ghost white
>bundled him into a suv really fast (wore skinny jeans)
>the white guy sitting beside a challenger in handcuffs where not the guy anon saw get helped out of the car
>rainbow bottle on car originally later swaped to a black simple bottle
>fiery Hollywood explosion even though it fell through multiple trees
>no auto rotation even though the helicopter should have been high enough to do so
>Car registry states that the vehicle is supposed to have a sunroof
>11 hours before the identity is released
>Masonic number plate in the vehicle
>Guy being accused of guilt has several Jewish ties
>Only chopper in the area that could've verified what happened misteriously crashes - no good explanation given and being ignored by the media
>NY Times initially stated the suspect was 32, then "corrected" to 20: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/12/us/charlottesville-protest-white-nationalist.html
>James G Field, the guy with ties to the Armed Services and similar facial structure, IS 32 YEARS OLD!!!: http://www.ohiohistoryhost.org/ohiomemory/oral-history/standing-together (ctrl+f "james")
>first couple threads about this subjetct were being instantly deleted and users were being banned

We need more info dumps such as pic related to help get new investigators in.