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Perception Management Agenda PEDO GLOBAL CONTROL TAKE DOWN

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Dear @PuttItOut

Following our conversation, the mods continue their power struggle.

It's beginning to look like they have some kind of perception management agenda, taking control of the public forum of consciousness and censoring critical and liberating information.

This post was deleted

Freaking Epic 4Chan Thread which covers ever aspect of Pizzagate and then some! https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2080874

Here's who is causing the problem and starting to cause a stink among The Autistic Kingdom. @Millennial_Falcon @Vindicator @sensitive @Crensch @Honeybee @heygeorge

Signed 4Chan

Perception Management on Voat

A few old school voaters are messing with this sub and have mod positions. I made a bait post bringing them all out which worked obviously. These are people who support pedophiles such as /u/Hecho and are pretending to be anti-pedo just to gain a voice and influence here. You can see users such as /u/Gabara and /u/ExpertShitposter

here is that recent post. These are the main people who controls what people see nearly site-wide. Their connections go to a group of about 30-35 power-users who can all be find by looking at the subs they moderate.

This sub started out great before the hostile take over of /v/ProtectVoat mods, who are not honest nor care if pedophiles get caught, and they have associations with known shill subs such as /v/SoapBoxBanHammer, /v/SoapDoxBanHammer, /v/RidersOfTheReich and are on a quest to demoralize pizzagaters.

What happened was these trolls made a bunch of new accounts and spammed and caused a problem only they could fix, so the sub was handed over to them.

Pedo sympathizers run this sub. They are desperate to look genuine and use upvote brigades to reinforce their fake popular opinion. you can see them in this thread all doing their thing. I even called them out there and they missed it.