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The US will be hit by a massive EMP attack on September 23rd

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And the power won't be coming back on for a very long time. Cities will spiral into complete anarchy and chaos.

Cars won't work, Gas stations won't work, no water, no electronics, nothing. If your in a city and are able to leave do it now.

Possible scenario for the East Coast: When the discussion about EMP comes up every body thinks that they can still survive with protecting some electronics and or some type of vehicle or something along those lines. What everyone fails to realize is if we have a major grid down event everyone of the 125+ Nuclear power plants across the country will go into full melt down within a few days when fuel runs out of the generators to keep the spent fuel rods in the cooling ponds under 20 feet of water that prevents them from going into full ignition of all those plants. The nuke plants do not generate their own electricity for the pumps and rely on outside power sources. Most systems are not hardened to take an EMP event although there are regulations in place now to require plants to use EMP hardened transformers but they still rely on outside power. The radiation from those cooling pond fires will plume up and spread across the country with the wind and will contaminate everything in its path. All surface water along with everything above ground level and all exposed soil to a depth of about 12 inches will be contaminated and useless for survival. The air will be radiated to a point of exposing every living creature down wind of the plants. Google where all these plants are and you will be shocked. A rough guess would be everyone east of the Mississippi will be dead because that is were the highest concentration of plants are

I myself am in California, I don't expect to make it out but I'll try my best. It's been fun anons