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Deep state coup happening

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It's been a long fight, we've lost a few folks, and we've had to lay low. Sorry for seeming to abandon you. Tonight’s news is the last piece of the puzzle you guys need to blow this deep state coup apart. Do your research and spread what you find everywhere. You’ll have help.

According to CNN, agencies of the US government surveilled Manafort under a FISA warrant. Here is what you need to know. NSA policy and standard operating procedure dictates what is called the "two-hop" expansion. This is an allowable expansion of surveillance around a set of selectors corresponding to a FISA subject which encompasses all those selectors that communicate with the subject (the first "hop") plus all those selectors that communicate with those additional selectors (the second "hop"). It's NSA policy to do this and a search of the Snowden leaks will confirm. This is important because a two hop expansion on Manafort will sweep in communications from all Trump campaign staff and Trump himself.

Democrats and GOPe colluded on fabrication of the “piss dossier” with Steele and then persuaded the FBI to use it as a fraudulent basis for renewing the FISA warrant during the election campaign. The top ranks of the Democrat party, McCain, and Graham were in on it and that’s why they have been warmongering against Russia since Trump won. It’s a distraction from their own crimes.