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How /pol/ ruined my life

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In every field, /pol/ has helped me see and know the truth, but it also taught me ignorance is bliss. I know more than not just my peers but many of my professors in university, so it's hard to care in class when bullshit is the topic. My friends think I'm racist when I don't hate people and want to improve everyone's lives but I'm honest about genetic differences. My marriage-material ex won't get back together with me because she thinks I'm sexist when my thoughts on gender and sex are in line with thousands of years of human thought and nature. Everyone I meet is unimpressive and seems shallow. Music only sounds like rhythmic propoganda now. All of the media IS propaganda. People actually think Russia did anything in the election when it's so easy to go on the internet and learn about Crowdstrike or Seth Rich or the password being password. There is "something" nefarious in the Podesta emails (being as withheld as possible to be on a level we can all agree on). My family member came out as transsexual and all I can think of is the nazi book burnings. I know Zionism is real and not the Jewish race by DNA but "the Jews" actively work against western nations. Whites are being genocided but when I talk about it no one cares. No one cares about anything I care about.

/pol/ isn't the only influence in my life regarding my thoughts, but it's a significant one. I will always love this board for the way anonymity breeds honest discussion, even if it's uncomfortable, but goddamn I almost wish to have the veil pulled back over my eyes. Has anyone else felt the same? Especially since the election, when I realized just how many people have no fucking clue about reality