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Knowledge Bomb. [Sandy Hook, Columbine & Vegas]

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[Sandy Hook]

It was a conflict between globalist cults/groups involving the town. Symbolism is important to notice & the tactics can be used to identify groups involved in operations/incidents.

Due to the multilayered coverup that occurred, the public just thinks it’s another mass shooting & the “conspiracy” groups looking into it would only figure it was a false flag to push anti-gun agenda’s.


The shooters were groomed/abused by a pedo network that was operating out of the town. Some of the teachers were involved in it.

In their minds they targeted what they believed to be the “source” of the network & several of the killings were not random.


The shooting was a group sniper/gunmen/terror attack, something that has commonly been used in color revolution "Springs"(Arab, Ukraine & US). It also has similarities with the Dallas Sniper(which was part of a similar operation) & ISIS attacks.

Predictive programming was also used involving Marilyn Manson getting hit by guns from above at a concert with a purple(color revolution hinting) background.

If you map out the locations of Yellowstone, Groom Lake & Denver International Airport they form a triangle. Pyramids create triangle shadows, in this case the shadow points to Groom Lake which is near Vegas. In Vegas they have a pyramid, who's shadow casts pointing to/at the kill-zone location. The hotel, pyramid & kill-zone form a triangle. (Symbolism)