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German hate

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What's up with the blatant germanophobia rapidly gaining ground around here? Is it a meme?
You realize the germans tried everything in their power to stop the rise of the (((modern world))) and save the occident and paid a terrible prize for it? In spite of being ethnically cleansed in the east, losing half their ancient soil, occupied and being brainwashed by the anglos, getting split up as a nation and suffering terrible losses in both world wars, Germany nowadays has a resistance level comparable or superior to almost every western european country. Do you guys know how many families still carry the burden of war trauma? How many leftists were created in the 60s due to absent, missing or broken father figures? How many people are depressed and apathetic around here due to growing up in the hollow and (((modern))) shells of our once beautiful cities and being forcefully separated from their roots?
You realize our traditional elites, down to small clerks and officers, were killed off or silenced forever and replaced by US (or in case of the GDR soviet) sponsored and educated elites?

In b4 shitty reddit tier memes like:
-le germany ruined europe for the third tiem in 100 years :DDD
-le eastern germany is genetically polish
- pay denbz & reparations to the single biggest EU leech which also stole half your clay

Stop flinging shit at us and listening to butthurt poles and realize what your ancestors have done to us.