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operation its ok to be white

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/pol/ i have an idea recently a "disturbing" poster went up at Boston college (pic related). the left went ape shit and called the cops for an investigation and it made the news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfu8UkvpKYc
what if we made signs like this pop up in college campuses around the world? a simple sign that just says "its ok to be white" the left going apeshit over something so trivial would show just how anti white the political climate is and it would wake up normies/lemmings.
the only question is do we do this now? or after nov 4th when anti fa does their little riots
>tldr go put up signs at your local college campus that say "its ok to be white" in plain text with no pictures or symbols

if you have any better ideas or would like to share your thoughts please do so in this thread