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Print out posters saying “It’s okay to be white” (Pic-Related)
On Halloween (Oct. 31) and the morning after (Nov. 1) post the fliers EVERYWHERE possible (not just universities.) Car windshields, bulletins, telephone poles, malls, buildings, etc.
Based on past media response to similar messaging, we expect the anti-white media to produce a shit-storm about these "racist, hateful, bigoted fliers"… with a completely innocuous message.
The media response will rally new support for pro-white activism, as normies (especially whites) will be extremely turned off by the media reaction.
Recently a (((disturbing))) poster went up at Boston College. The left went ape shit and called the cops for an investigation and it made the news
What if we made signs like this pop up in college campuses around the world? a simple sign that just says "its okay to be white"
The left going apeshit over something so trivial would show just how anti white the political climate is and it would wake up normies/lemmings.
>Wear a costume, it's Halloween! Show some spirit and disguise your self ;)
>Simplistic design, no excessive use of font or text decoration (use pic related posters)
you can rewrite the phrase in your own language if you are feeling ambitious, The font is Karbon, light
>JIDF is NOT happy about this, ignore shills.
>Make sure it says 'Okay', not 'Ok'
>THIS IS NOT HATE. We are doing this for the pure reaction from the left, to one simple statement. This will reveal them as hypocrites to all normies, in the boldest manner imaginable.
>Glue Spray?(Vandalism, thoughts? Personally not what I want)
>Duct tape due to it's stick-to-all surface nature and easy to rip
>Staple-gun to snap to posts and bulletin boards
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