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What will happen on Monday. What you didn't know.

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Look, I feel bad for /pol/. You guys have been thrown off so much by intentionally misleading breadcrumbs that no one has any idea what’s been happening for the past 10 months. So I’m gonna throw you guys a bone. Forget the dossier. The real story is Uranium One.

1. We’ve known that Holder was covering up Russian bribes for Uranium One for a long time now. Hell, even Clinton Cash tells everyone about the bribes that were taking place. The reason Mueller left the FBI was because he was fed up with the corruption of Holder/Clinton/Obama. Holder kept telling Mueller to kill investigations and bury evidence. I don’t know what you think about Mueller, but I can tell you, he’s an honorable man. The corruption of Holder/Obama/Clinton was eating him up alive. He resigned in 2013 when he just couldn’t keep doing this. Then they got Comey who was coerced in to continuing the coverup.