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I Hope Trump Isn't Being Baited

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The LARPer guy, "info dump anon", talking up the Mueller connection and November 4 leaves me with a question: what if it's a set-up? What if Trump was picked by the Military Intelligence community to run as part of a counter-coup against the Soros/etc. influence? What if they (military) is planning a weekend martial law counter-coup, in response to ANTIFA/Nov.4? And, what if it's bait?

Seriously, martial law, arresting DOJ and CIA officials, former Democratic politicians, never Trumpers - liberals will lose their shit. "Muh literal Hitler". What if this is bait by Soros and company to engage in a counter-counter-coup and overthrow the Constitution?

LARPer man claims the op planned this weekend will be clean, no civil unrest, etc. Maybe so. The evidence to prosecute (((people))) better be iron-ass-solid. The thing better go down quick and clearly. They better be sure there are no (((cards up the sleeves))).

I'm worried /pol/. Not a concern shill here. Seriously. What's the game plan in the event of a counter-counter-coup? Here's my problem with the LARP-man: so secret military intelligence has to save our ass every time? How is that better than relying on the (((CIA))) to protect us? Marines are indoctrinated to be honorable, but are they really our salvation? Is this cloak and dagger politics the best way to preserve a republic?

Counter-argument: LARP-man talks a good game. Maybe we could argue that the Marines shouldn't be our salvation, but in this case they're all we have left, so that's just how it is. Maybe we could argue that cloak and dagger isn't the best way to maintain a republic, but this time it's a step we have to go through in a big war of shadow politics. LARP-man seems to acknowledge the stakes. So, presumably there's a notion of a return to a cleaner republic once this is all done.

In other words, what reforms need to follow Nov.6 to make sure we don't get back to where we (((started)))?