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Merkel BTFO

Merkel lead the negotiations to form a new german government.
Their plan was "Jamaika-Koalition" (black/yellow/green)

2017 election resultst:
Union CDU/CSU ("conservatives"/black) 32,9%
SPD (social democrats/red) 20,5%
AfD (ourguys/blue) 12,6%
FDP (liberals, not in the american meaning of the term/yellow) 10,7%
Linke (socialists/purple) 9,2%
Green Party (tree huggers/green obv.) 8,9%

Prior to the real Koalition-Negatiations the "sounding out"-phase for a Jamaika-Koalition failed.

Most important demands of each party:
Refugee guide number of 200k per year
Abandon the Solidarity-Tax
>Green Party
Make refuge a human right
Unlimited immigration for families of refugees who already made it to germany
Abandon coal power until 2030*
Prohibition of new registrations of combustion engines until 2030*

the demand with * are the ones on which green party resigned to form a koalition
tonight ~01:30 Christian Lindner (Chairman of FDP) announced that the pre-negotiations failed, because of fundamentaly different positions on immigration.
specififaly the chain-migration policy for families are what he found inacceptable.

for Merkel the last option now is a minority government.
IF SHE'S NOT ELECTED CHANCELOR re-elections will be held.
since lindner showed balls and many non-voters would be mobilized this would only mean more votes for FDP and AfD.

/pol/acks we need to meme a black/blue/yellow government into existance. it would be stable and in the interest of natural german population.
merkel may not be re-elected.

previous thread: >>150119106

re-elections VERY likely since Merkel highly sceptical on minority government (http://www.tagesschau.de/inland/merkel-sondierungsabbruch-101.html)
broad majority for re-elections

what will president Steinmeier do?