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/CTBTS/ #587 Calm Before the Storm - Moving to 8ch Edition

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Calm Before the Storm Superthread
1. Resist attempts to derail troll or shill
2. Log and archive everything
3. Help others with things you know about, answer questions
4. Collect spread make memes
5. Verify on your own, dont spread disinfo

Summary (please recommend edits)
An anonymous poster claiming Q-level security clearance has been posting to explain what’s happening behind the scenes on the world stage. This user is goes by Q. Scope is broad so dig on your own but I'll try to summarize: Trump and the Special Counsel are actually investigating the Clinton cabal and the deepstate. Draining the swamp for real! They are destroying foreign non-state groups and actors who've had America under control for decades. The house of Saud in Saudi Arabia (SA is +++), Rothschild family (RC is ++) and Soros group (+) are all watching their house of cards crumble. There are >4000 sealed indictments across the USA that are likely connected to Mueller’s Special Counsel. We're told to expect big names to be swept up in a mass arrest of corrupt officials.

Confirmation >>150586595
Many confirmations occured. Events listed here before they happened
Trump Nov26 retweeted a user who's timeline full of CBTS and Q. CIA attacked the site! >>150976604
Trump tweeted +++ after Q posted +++ in CBTS thread
We know Trump visits 4chan, we know Barron is autistic. D Jr retweeted Pepe months ago
Interconnectedness and depth of Q posts far too complex and predictive to be a larp

Q ARCHIVE http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/%21ITPb.qbhqo%20/

>>151090805 → Trump tweet "plus CNN"
>>151096302 → Epstein Flight logs, someone archive please
>>151096914>>151097265 → NK delegation at time of Agreed Framework

!!SPREADSHEET: Open to contributions, with answers being a collective effort.