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Joyner Lucas’s Powerful Video ‘I’m Not Racist’ is Blowin’ Up the Net [WATCH]

*Rapper Joyner Lucas has unveiled his new video for “I’m Not Racist,” and the visual showcases a heated debate about race relations between a White man and a Black man.

>In just a few days since its release, it’s already approaching 14 MILLION plays on Facebook alone. Let’s just say that the video, which is very hard to watch, must be seen ALL THE WAY THROUGH to get to the payoff.

>As noted by XXLmag, Lucas is known for triggering conversationswith his unique videos and his latest is no different.

>In the video, the White man — wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat–kicks off the conversation–all in Joyner’s voice–by expressing his grievances with the Black community. His frustrations include paying taxes that go toward government programs that aid minorities, Eminem’s BET freestyle against Trumpand White privilege.

>Watch the video for “I’m Not Racist” above:

>“I’m not racist, I’m just prepared for this type of war,” the White man rhymes. “I heard Eminem’s rap at the awards, who’s he fightin’ for?/Y’all can take that motherfucker too, he ain’t white no more/It’s like you wanna be so famous, you’ll do anything for attention and a little payment/I can’t take you nowhere without people pointin’ fingers/Pants hangin’ off your ass, you ain’t got no home trainin’.”