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Wikipedia - corruption, deception and power

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Wikipedia is a corrupt swamp full of corrupt, deceptive and power hungry (often paid) groups of disgusting creatures.

For the past 2 weeks i have been fighting for the editing of the [[Bulgarian]] page. The current leading section has just one sentence, which sates that ''Bulgarian are South Slavic Ethnic Group native to Bulgaria''. I wanted to remove the word ''Slavic'', so it becomes only ''Ethnic Group'', and then add next to this sentence, a text stating that Bulgarians have a divers ethnic ancestry, and then listing the ancestral groups - one of which is Slavic.

This is information already stated and soured below, but i just wanted to restructure it and put it above on the lead.

Instantly user:Jinigiby reverted my change, and for the past two weeks, he and his corrupt Macedonian friends have been viciously attacking me with lies and cunning tricks. They are savvy, they know how to use the thick bureaucratic rules of Wikipedia to their advantage. While i was fighting them, another Bulgarian user invited me to a Facebook group of over 500 people calling for Jingiby and his Macedonian friends to get banned.

Eventually, another admin got involved, but before i got a chance to explain myself, the Macedonians already lied to him, and falsely accused me of being a nationalists who refuses to cooperate, and that my proposal is to replace Slavic with Thracian, and that there are no reliable sources for that controversial claim.

Ultimately, they all ganged up against me, they removed the comments of anyone who supported me, they lied about what i am trying to do, they made false accusations against me, before i had a chance to explain myself, they had already convinced other admins that i am guilty, and then nobody listened to me anymore, they took Jingiby's word over mine, and when i tried to explain myself, they didn't listen, and eventually, today - they had me banned.

If anyone can help me get justice, please message me. Also, NEVER TRUST WIKIPEDIA AGAIN.