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Proof of ballot stuffing in Alabama

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Alabama has 67 counties. You'd reasonably expect that the percent of votes cast yesterday compared to an election like 2012 would be around a certain margin without outliers


lowest county, 51% of 2012 voters voted yesterday. 33 counties had between 51% and 61% of their 2012 voters show up yesterday.

The other 34? 61 to 75%.

The counties which had the highest totals?

Madison (76%)

Baldwin (74%)

Jefferson (73%)

Greene (73%)

Shelby (71%)

Those counties cast 24 thousand more votes than if 70% of 2012 voters turned out. Jones "won" by 21 thousand votes.

If Jones won 28% of Whites and 95% of Blacks in those counties, he wins 42% in Madison, 32% in Baldwin, 54% in Jefferson, 83% in Greene and 34% in Shelby.

Instead he won 57% in Madison, 36% in Baldwin, 68% in Jefferson, 88% in Greene, and 42% in Shelby

Madison and Jefferson County both seem like results that were heavily manipulated.