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Operation: WEWUZ

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Okay so Rotten Tomatoes has said that anyone who does not give this movie a good review will have their review blocked. As you can see in pic related, so far 61 (((critics))) have given this "film" a perfect fucking score.

Rotten Tomatoes doesn't want their score hijacked to a 56% like Last Jedi? Fine, we can hijack it to the opposite direction.

When audience reviews are available, me and a bunch of discord pals are gonna give the score glowing 10/10 reviews, saying shit like-

"The best pro-fascist film ever made, even better than Starship Troopers!"

"10/10, made me want to live in a black ethnostate!"

"One of the most historically accurate films of our generation!"

Honestly I'm not even going to watch the movie but fuck it I'm bored and this could be an opportunity for some sjw spergouts.