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CONFIRMED- Parkland massacre committed by rogue cops

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It's been conclusively shown by pol that the Parkland massacre was committed by rogue cops and that Nikolas Cruz was just a patsy. The shooters at Parkland were Detective Jeffrey Gilbert and Detective Carl Schlosser of Miramar police department. The two officers have been suspended from the SWAT team because they were at Parkland high school during the shooting without the authorization or the awareness of their superiors.

Whether Cruz shot anyone is unknown, but it is known that there were three shooters at Parkland high school during the massacre. In the following video, Parkland student Christina Vega tells a reporter that there were three shooters at the school-

Another student,Kenneth Anthony confirms multiple shooters and yet another, Alexa Miednik confirms. Meidnik goes on to state that she knows Cruz personally and was walking together with him as they evacuated the school, while gunshots were going off elsewhere-