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On the NASA and their lies

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ITT show signs that NASA is faking stuff and keeping shit secret from us

Ok, lets start with a simple question:
Why wasnt this (pic related with adjusted contrast and brightness) closer looked at? This very well could indicate that at one point there was sophisticated life on Mars, yet they seem to just ignore it. Here is the original pic from the NASA website

These bubbles you see on pretty much any spacewalk footage (guy is a flatearther but his NASA videso are actually rather good)

NASA cutting livefeed just when something appears in the background

Also weird that you never see a complete orbit around the earth on their livestream. Usually whenever it gets dark, like so dark you dont even see lights from the cities anymore (which you should unless they shot up the crappiest camera you can find into space) the stream cuts off and continues when its bright day again. this day is an exception as it shows a bit of night and citylights, but still cuts to broad daylight at some point never showing a full orbit.

>inb4 flat earther
There are multiple reasons on why they could fake things which all have nothing to do with flat earth. They could try to hide Ay lmaos, secret military space programm, some hidden continent the elites use as their small paradise, some openings in the polar regions (Hollow Earth) or a sheme where they say nasa gets 20 billion a year, but will only get a few million for some fakery, coke and hookers, while the rest is used for blackprojects like some false flags, some coups against a government that doesnt want to be a puppet, or said military space programm

Either way I believe NASA isnt there to provide us any information.