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The Eleventh Hour! - ITS HAPPENING! - The Eleventh Hour!

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>Seven Seals of Light
>c^1=Power/Force - Newton 1666
>c^2=Energy/mass - Einstein 1904
>c^3=Gravity*(g/s) - *Denke 1888
>c^4=Gravity*Force - Denke 1888
>c^5=Gravity*Power - Denke 1888
>c^6=Bwah... /sci/ 2018
>c^7=Bwah... /sci/ 2018
>*(g/s) *mass flow rate
>YHWH Allah
>(LORD God)

There you go. It is done. Bwah...
Universal Magnetic Reversal

Good Friday

UMR Easter

In 1799 the Metre and Kilogram of the Archives, platinum embodiments of the new units,
were declared the legal standards for all measurements in France, and the motto of their
metric system expressed the hope that the new units would be 'for all People, for all time'

>Three Frogs of Revelation
>E=hf - Planck 1899
>E=mc^2 - Einstein 1904
>E=h[(G*D)^1/2] - Denke 1961
>YHWH Allah
>(LORD God)

'for all Densities, for all time.'

Isa Go? Isa Go!