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Tolerance correlates with the size of the penis, the results of a large-scale study

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A large-scale meta-analysis, which included several hundred large randomized trials around the world, showed that the level of xenophobia significantly correlated with the size of the penis. And this correlation is the reverse: the higher the level of chauvinism, the shorter the penis.

The international meta-study was conducted on the basis of the Kinsey Institute for the Study of Sex, Gender and Reproduction and took three years. During this time, researchers combined data from 347 studies conducted in 64 countries on social factors of sexual physiology.

One of the most unexpected correlations was the relationship between the length of the penis and the level of xenophobia (in its various manifestations). As it turned out, this is due to the fact that not only and not so much steroid sex hormones affect the penis size, but the balance of neuropeptides oxytocin (also called pro-social hormone or confidence hormone) and vasopressin (which is called anxiety hormone).

So, if the average size of the penis of European men is 15 cm in the erect state (with an average height of 177 cm), then in people with pronounced chauvinist views, the average length of the penis is about 9 cm. In general, the shortest penis is observed in anti-Semites, racists and supporters totalitarian ideologies (about 8 cm), followed by male chauvinists, homophobes and people experiencing a pronounced hostility towards migrants (10-11 cm). Curiously, on average, the penis of convinced conservatives is 5 cm smaller than the convinced liberals (12 vs. 17 cm).

It is also interesting that the length of the penis in religious and nonreligious people on the average practically does not differ, while between the hyper-religious people (regardless of the confession) and the convinced atheists the difference is very significant (14 to 17 cm in favor of atheists).