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What Happened to Whistle-blower Kay Griggs- Is She Dead

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Kay Griggs gave a famous 4 hour video interview in which she exposed the killings committed by her former husband Colonel George Griggs pictured with Kay at this link: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?704763-American-Army-professional-assasins-used-against-U-S-citizen-whistle-blowers-amp-witnesses-of-government-crimes-amp-corruption-Colonels-Steele-amp-Griggs&p=1913742#post1913742 A very credible Kay Griggs who has no mental impairments or substance abuse issues explains in detail how she found her husband's diary and confronted him about it. The diary and her husband explained many murders or "contracts" he fulfilled on orders from the U.S. government which pledged him immunity from prosecutions. He claimed to have murdered over a dozen people including American citizens and it was to him "his duty" to kill these people. The interviews were finally published online in 2005 and Kay went missing within three months. None of her clothing or valuables were moved from her house for over nine weeks and then all disappeared. Relatives said they have not heard from her and fear that her ex husband may have come back to kidnap and kill her. The U.S. military will not even confirm if Colonel Griggs is still on active duty or retired. WHat can you all help us find about what happened to Kay?

Discussion point: If you watched her video interview, do you think she deserves to be killed for betraying government secrets?

Discussion point: Do you think she could still be alive and just hiding under a rock?

Discussion point: Why won't one major news network or large newspaper tell her story and ask for the public's help? Is the government intimidating them into silence?

The interview: