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Why does Google Search limit results now?

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I type cats into google expecting to be able to search millions of pages but it stops at page 21. Is my country behind some kind of 'watered down search' / wall?

See pic, please help anons I remember when you could search for days, I'd be on google page 719, and still get results, what happened? Also DuckDuckGo is the same too.

How can a search term like 'cats' end on page 21??? Why is Google and DuckDuckGo limiting search result returns? I tired it on Yahoo and it only returned 82 pages or 820 results
I remember when you could keep clicking page after page, you could be on say page 341 on cats and it would keep returning results.

What kind of 'fuckery' is this now?

...and all my fucking results are for the same jew-owned-mainstream media outlets!!!!!!??!! It might as well just give me one result and have NSA approved reading on it.