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robot here visiting from /r9k/ to tell you a political experience that confirmed my incel status

>be me
>go to a fencing class
>meet qt3.14
>she's nice and seems to not be such a normie
>has visited 4chan before even though she didn't like it
>at least now i know she's not a total normie
>she's pretty insecure/shy
>draw her out of her shell slowly
>she has few political opinions so she's easy to talk to
>we talk a lot about just anything that comes to mind
>one day, actually at fencing
>talking about shit as we usually do
>bring up family structures
>talk about the nuclear family and its pros/cons
>she asks me what the nuclear family is
>mention stay-at-home women
>goes apeshit
>starts slapping me
>goes over to her vapid stacy-ass friends
>i can already hear the conversation playing out in my mind
>to cut a long story short i am no longer socially accepted among the women in my fencing class

how did this happen

>about a week and a few days later, she arrives back at fencing again
>apologize and tell her we should remain good friends, and shouldn't talk about it anymore
>all seems well
>she comes back up to me
>god dammit
>draws me back into the argument
>i try to take a more socially acceptable and justifiable position by citing facts and statistics
>she basically lies to my face and says shes looked up the matter and has seen no facts correlating with my statements
>ok then
>goes back over to her friends
>fuck this honestly
>stop talking to her because shes a cunt
>now she keeps on getting into every conversation im in to interrupt me and make it awkward

i hate stacies

does anyone here know why women are such vapid leftycucks these day? no logic or reasoning skills at all

it seems like theyre genuinely indoctrinated to think that any traditional gender role is INHERENTLY bad no matter what, which is fucking retarded

why is being better at raising kids/having decent traditions so bad in the eyes of these libtards????