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this place and hwood ruined me man. it really has. the reason i never liked posting on pol or visiting much was because i would always start raging then crying. crying because when i see that spammer who posts that all those links about ritual abuse and satanism i know its real. i've been around these people.. all these celebrities, news anchors, journalists, billionaires, bankers, CEOs, politicians who put a smile on TV then turn around to partake in the worst, evil degeneracy possible. it hurts so fucking much man. im in tears right now. it hurts so much that DC, LA, and NEW YORK are the soddom and gamorrah and run the USA. it hurts so much watching all the people who come in to the business with bright eyes, lovely huge smiles, great spirits then leave either corrupted or broken,dead shells of themselves. i've seen so many kids (and it hurts because i'm a father and grandfather) come into this business and be tossed around like a piece of meat for these hyenas. i've seen so many people off themselves because they couldn't take it. they couldn't take partaking and seeing so much evil. imagine how much you have to do/see that you off yourself even though you seem to be living a great life? i know that the people in a power positions have to be somewhat corrupted but fuck man WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH? you know what i mean fellas? i am spiritually dead inside. i don't even know why im alive. so much evil going on in this world and i know it's always happened and humanity has flaws but still dudes.. maybe this life is really hell.... or purgatory at least.