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Euroweek Polska: Comfy Snuggie Edition

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Case One:
Continuing cooperation with the European Youth Forum, once again we could host our friends from distant parts of the world in our school, this time Memo Perez from Mexico and Linus Onyango from Kenya.
Volunteers conducted a lot of interactive classes in English for students of our schools. The theme of our Multikulturowy Języka Językowego was self-confidence - because Kenya with his confident eyes is able to scare even an angry lion.
We played a strategic game through the streets of our city, we recorded horror films, organized a Multikulturowa Night at school and followed the route of Nicolaus Copernicus in the Castle of Olsztyn, and all that we managed only thanks to excellent cooperation of volunteers with young people and teachers.
The project exceeded our wildest expectations. Virtually every student of our school could take part in volunteering classes, there was a very friendly atmosphere, and during the goodbye tears of emotion appeared. The highlight at the farewell was the singing of the national anthem of our event "We are unity." To the question addressed to us by Linus: "Are you sure of yourself now?" Our youth shouted without thinking: "Yes!".
We would like to thank the Mayor of the City of Ostróda, Czesław Najmowicz, Head of the Department of Education and Social Affairs, Mrs. Bożena Ratajczyk, and the Director of the Middle School No. 1 for them. Polish Nobel Prize winners in Ostróda for the funds that enabled us to organize the Mutikulturowy Language Week at our school. But to you, Our Youth Way, for great energy, commitment and all activity! Once again, you strengthen us in the belief that it is worth taking challenges!
Soon, on July 3, we are going to Długopole Zdrój for the next (already V) edition of the EuroWeek language camp.
So Hakuna Matata!
Karolina Golder, Małgorzata Groszkowska,
Junior High School No. 1im. Polish Nobel Prize winners in Ostróda