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It's over for Canada and any Canadian who doesn't think so is in denial.

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Housing, food, energy, and gas are all so prohibitively expensive now especially with the miniscule salary Canadians are paid, that the system collapse is imminent.

Canada's most recent data shows a 4.5% monthly rise for food, 4% for rent, and 14.5% for energy.

This means that Canada presently has 54% p.a. food inflation, 48% p.a. housing inflation, and 174% energy inflation.

In other words, painfully incompetent economic management, plus millions of new mouths to feed, means Canada is quite literally running out of the physical resources to keep its people alive.

Hyperinflation is just around the corner and it's being concealed by deceptive government accounting.

And all that lost potential and wasted opportunity is all grist for the mill of Trudeau's globalist ideology.

Make no mistake: Engaging in economically detrimental activities to achieve ideological objectives is tantamount to subsidizing the ideology at the expense of all. And Trudeau's government simply cannot stop doing it.