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Do you want to know why the NPC meme hits them so hard?

Leftism in general relies explicitly on the notion that their ideas of "progress" and "reason" contrast with a dumb right wing populace which is told what to think. The liberal envisions the old backwards farmer in Idaho as representing right wing beliefs, and they believe they're the ones who have intelligence and agency because they believe they've educated themselves enough to not just be told what to think as ironic as that is.

This is why the liberal can't comprehend the increasing amount of young people who resist them, especially when they're educated on their bullshit and destroy their beliefs in front of them. Yes, those same beliefs they thought they were special for cultivating in contrast to their image of the old uneducated rural conservative. In function, their beliefs are just an expression of hipsterdom in the modern world that wanks over self consciousness and image. Which is why getting through to them that their beliefs and behavior are actually extremely common and enforced on them is a death nail for their insecurities. The liberal hipster values above all else their special independence, and liberalism no longer provides that and they're learning it slowly(see the lefties spiraling off into increasingly obscure movements or walking away from politics altogether).