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European Courts ruled you cannot call Muhammad a pedophile

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>Authoritative Muslim texts record the marriage of Islam’s founder, Muhammad, to a 6-year-old girl named Aisha, and the consummation of their relationship when she was 9.
>While some might think it an impertinent cultural judgment, describing such an action by a 53-year-old man as “pedophilia” aligns with the sensibilities of the Western world.
>But not in the European Court of Human Rights, which upheld Thursday the criminal conviction and fine of an Austrian who discussed the Islamic prophet’s child marriage at a conference of the populist Freedom Party.
>The woman, described as E.S. by the court, was convicted of disparaging religious doctrines and fined more than $500 in a judgment that was upheld on two appeals, the Daily Sabah of Istanbul reported
>The Strasbourg, France-based court found that her statements describing Muhammad as a pedophile “had been likely to arouse justified indignation in Muslims” and “amounted to a generalization without factual basis.”
>The Austrian courts had drawn a distinction between pedophilia and child marriage, the Turkish newspaper said, which they contended was also a common practice historically in European ruling families.