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If Only You Knew How Bad Things Are

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I thought I was red-pilled. I really did. I learned years ago that we live in a gynocentric world, I've known for a long time that all of this LGBT stuff if just a fresh can of paint on top of mental illness, I always suspected the Holocaust story was exaggerated and couldn't imagine a well-functioning military senselessly murdering millions when they could put them to forced labor. I knew that black people were more violent and less rational and that I knew that homosexuals recruit children, spread disease, and live more dangerous lives (doing drugs and having hundreds of sex partners). I know that a few companies own all mass media and I know that pornography rots the brain. I know that global warming is a hoax.

But just recently I've started to put a few more pieces together. It started with a new video that showed up in my YouTube feed titled "what if the USA paid off our debt", and I thought "eh - I'll give it a go, could be entertaining"... The video was 11 minutes of blaming Republicans for our massive debt followed by 10 seconds of "oh, and if we paid it off nothing would change so let's just stay in debt forever"

Now this didn't really jive with me. So I started looking into it. And I came to some startling realizations about our history that were NEVER taught in school, and NEVER discussed on the news or online or in general political discourse, and that caused everything to suddenly be more clear.

I'll begin fact dump in the next post to avoid hitting character limit.