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Protonmail Hacked - Funny Political Data Revealed

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Protonmail hacked and user data held for ransom. Full details and explanation in the pastebin below
Three CNN employees who use Protonmail as their private email describe the American people as prostitutes in detail. User named Michael Avenatti has BDSM fetish and sexually disturbing draft emails. If Protonmail does not pay to protect use data, all will be released on the 23 November. Decrypted emails, full names, attachments, contact lists, IP addresses, everything. Onion.to address to be posted on 4Chan and other locations enabling download
Will pay $20 in bitcoin to anyone who posts this pastebin link to twitter with “#Protonmail” mentioning about the hack. Email fearliath@msgden.com with a link to your tweet and a bitcoin address. Please allow 24hrs to send bitcoin due to opsec situation.