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Three Arrows YouTube Channel

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The continued deplatforming of right-wing content creators will eventually cause the pendulum to swing.

Meet Daniel, better known as Three Arrows:

The rise of this guy's channel represents a small part of a disturbing trend, one that might very well be our undoing if left unabated. Three Arrows is likable, intelligent and the kind of guy you want on your side, and that's a problem. Left-wing channels are all starting to surge in popularity, notably The Intercept and Democracy Now. It will be to our peril if we dismiss and ignore who may potentially be our most powerful enemies. Like it or not, Three Arrows is vastly skilled in information warfare and thus a formidable foe.

You know what's worse? Imagine if all these channels and followers gain clout on YouTube. Channels like this rising in popularity can easily change the face of the internet. The alt-right remains among the left's primary targets in Trump's election. As these channels grow, so will their influence. Get enough of them to democratically pressure large platforms to suppress right-wing access to large platforms, they can drive away anyone with dissident views to their respective e-ghettos (Gab, Voat, et cetera). That presumes they want us to have a platform at all. Ideally, they'd want anyone expressing right-wing opinions banned within minutes of posting. Pretty soon, they can come after us on our own turf.

Ignore them at your own peril. The right is lucky that leftist media is overall extremely weak right now, but that can easily change. The left has dealt with angry mobs in the past century when they had fewer public supporters. Insulting them won't make them go away. These content creators have proven themselves capable of maintaining an audience. It's ultimately up to us to decide how we deal with them.