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Avicii's Music Video "For a Better Day" and the pedophile elite

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What does pol think of this?


Even if you can't stand his music (I'm a massive fan) this is a quite different video than pretty much anything I've seen. It portrays 2 masked figures executing a bunch of powerful-elite- pedophiles. with a twist at the end.

Remember, Avicii was one of THE most popular producers on earth, IMO for good reason, but when a musician (especially in the EDM scene) releases an album that shows a cabal of pedophiles getting murdered, and also branded as a pedophile, well its just VERY unusual...the song is different than his other ones too, the lyrics more vague, sinister sounding

At the end of the video the music stops, which itself is strange, and then makes damn sure you understand whats going on.

Avicii's other videos are all interesting, and tell stories, but they are generally happy-silly, not anything close to this level of darkness. This video is violent, some of the sounds such as when the 2 characters are knocking one of the pedo's teeth out, is included, its also missing that signature Avicii bridge that he always used to tie the song together.

I'm not gonna say Avicii was murdered for this. But I remember the day the news broke he had died, he was in Muscat, Oman with friends on vacation. I remember the local police IMMEDIATELY ruled out foul play. Then a week later they announced

That he drank a bottle of wine, broke it, then slashed his own throat. How the police could immediately rule out homicide when they find a man with his throat slashed is beyond me.

Avicii was terribly depressed, abused the fuck out of drugs and had to retire at 26 due to pancreatitis and other health complications. But when he "killed himself" he was planning a come back, working on a new album and his friends and associates all said he was excited and happy and healthier than ever

Whatever happened, that music video is absolutely based.

... anyway, thoughts?